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The advantages of HEPA
- May 02, 2018 -

1. Photocatalytic air purification technology

Nano-materials photocatalytic environmental pollution control technology is the internationally recognized advanced technology for the treatment of low-concentration organic pollutant gases, sterilization and sterilization, and it has the characteristics of mild reaction conditions, economy, and comprehensive treatment of bacteria, viruses, and pollutants. .

Advantages: Can kill microorganisms, bacteria and viruses, can remove part of volatile organic compounds, can decompose part of odorous gases

2, negative ion purification

The air is composed of numerous molecules and atoms. When molecules or atoms in the air lose or gain electrons, they form charged particles called ions; positively charged ones are called positive ions, and negatively charged ones are called negative ions. Negative ions are negatively charged gas ions in the air. It adsorbs suspended particles with positive ions, neutralizes them into no charge, and settles, allowing the air to be purified. It can be said that negative ions purify the air is to reduce the concentration of suspended particles in the air, but can not kill the virus, bacteria, can not break down the pollutants, its main role is to clean the air, supplement the lack of indoor anions, have a certain health effects on the human body.

Advantages: Can temporarily reduce airborne particles;

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