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Automatic Filter
- May 02, 2018 -

Fully automated is a set of equipment widely used in the filtration industry. Traditional filtration products have small amounts of pollutants, are easy to be blocked by dirt, filter parts need to be disassembled and cleaned, and cannot monitor the state of the filter. It has the drawbacks of filtering raw water and automatically Automatically cleans the filter element. It consists of housing, multi-element filter, backwashing mechanism, electric control box, speed reducer, electric valve and differential pressure controller. The diaphragm in the housing divides the inner cavity into upper and lower chambers. The upper chamber is equipped with a plurality of filter cores, so that the filter space is utilized, the volume of the filter is significantly reduced, and the back flush suction cup is installed in the lower chamber.

During work, the turbid liquid enters the lower chamber of the filter through the inlet, and enters the inner cavity of the filter through the baffle hole. Impurities larger than the gap of the filter core are trapped, the clean liquid passes through the gap to the upper chamber, and finally is sent out from the outlet.

Advantages: Full automatic filtration accuracy defaults to 100 micron, and optional from 10 to 3000 micron, large filtration area, high dirt content, users can customize according to actual conditions. The cleaning method is simple, and the electronic monitoring of the cleaning cycle enables automatic cleaning of the sewage. The parameters of the automatic self-cleaning filter control system can be adjusted.