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Brush Filter
- May 02, 2018 -

Stainless steel brush filter types are: full-automatic stainless steel brush filter, manual stainless steel brush filter. Its main role is to remove the suspended matter in the water, reduce the concentration of suspended matter in the water, particulate matter, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system fouling, bacteria and algae, corrosion, and purify water quality.

The stainless steel brush filter adopts the internal mechanical structure of patented technology, realizing the true high-pressure backwash function, which can easily and completely remove impurities trapped by the filter, clean no dead angle, no attenuation of flux, and ensure the filtration efficiency and longevity. The service life.

The stainless steel brush filter realizes automatic back flushing through its own search and strain function, which can cope with unstable water quality fluctuations without manual intervention.

In the backwash process of the stainless steel brush filter, each (group) filter screen is followed by a backwash operation; the filter screen is ensured to be safe and efficient, while the other filters are not affected and the filtration is continued.

The stainless steel brush filter adopts the automatic sewage valve. The backwashing is short and the backwashing consumes less water, which is environmentally friendly and economical. Less wearing parts, no consumables, low operation and maintenance costs, simple operation and management.

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