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Filter Sponge
- May 02, 2018 -

The range of filter cotton is more extensive, usually referred to as filter (filter) generally refers to air filtration. As we all know, the air contains a large amount of particles of dust (such as dust, dust, soot, dust, dust, powder, etc.), because these dust particles are light in weight, so when the flowing air acts on these dust particles, the dust will be The weight of the granules is offset by the weight, so that the dust is in a floating state. Only when the air is relatively stationary in the relatively closed space, the dust will fall to the ground due to the gravity of the earth. This is why the windows and doors are closed. In the absence of people's place of residence, after a period of time, there will be a thick layer of dust on the furniture and on the ground. The amount of dust in the air is related to many objective factors, such as weather conditions, seasonal changes, industrial production, mining, land desertification, soil erosion, and environmental pollution. Dust has an impact on the human body, on production, on product quality, on the environment, on the beauty of natural scenery, on the ecological balance.