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HEPA Application
- May 02, 2018 -

At present, HEPA is mainly used for household purifiers, household vacuum cleaners, and medical purifiers. In the case where foreign purification machines have become popular, HEPA filters can be purchased in supermarkets. Purification by purifiers is very common. In the domestic market, the branded machine is dominated by foreign brands and the market share is about 20%. However, the HEPA filter in the purification machine is generally from the domestic market. Domestic brands such as Tamar, MORAL, Grand, Midea and Yadu all have a large share. The common HEPA market is mainly folded by high-efficiency filter paper, and the filtering effect is obvious. It is the first choice for the purifier filter.

It is an internationally recognized high-efficiency filter material. All clean projects require high-efficiency filters; in the past few years, there was a sub-high-efficiency filter that was almost completely unused. Has been widely used in operating rooms, animal laboratories, crystal experiments and aviation and other high clean places.

Advantages: Can temporarily reduce airborne particles;